We are a fun, structured recreational club with a competitive pathway for talented performers.

2012 saw the birth of HETGC’s newest development, City of Oxford Trampoline Academy, a spin off club that is dedicated to the training of the Elite Regional and National level performers who are on route to the World Class programme.

Those who show aptitude and display the right attitude will be invited to join the Oxford Aspires training programme, our Regional development squad where we offer a structured and successful ‘playground to podium’ pathway for young gymnasts.


Not sure your Child wishes to compete?

Once a year, HETGC and OTA host the annual ‘Grassroot Cup’, giving every member of our club the opportunity to taste a friendly competition environment. Really sweet when watching the little 4 year old’s showing off their routines to their loved ones.


Want to take it to the next level?

Those who wish to progress and show aptitude will be selected into our club development programmes, allowing performers to climb the World Class training programme ladder.
We offer a competitive training programme devised from the Great Britain Squad, giving our performers the best, up to date training techniques.
Whilst we have a friendly and approachable environment, we aim for high standards, always taking podium positions within Regional and National competitions across the UK.


Want to get into coaching?

With all our level two plus coaches qualified as British Gymnastics Mentors, we are proud to nurture young sports leaders through coaching exams and place them into classes in their local community.

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